Some Examples of our Work

Power Washing a Pool
Power Washing a Pool
Tile Cleaning
Tile Cleaning a Swimming Pool
Pressure Washing pool tile
Pressure Washing Swimming Pool Ceramic Tile
Variable Speed Pump Installation
Variable Speed Pump Installation
Heater Repair-Install
Heater Repair Installation
Pool Equipment Repair & Replacement
Pool Equipment Repair & Replacement by Certified Contractors
Repair & Replace Equipment
We Repair & Replace  any and all Pool Equipment.
Green Pool Clean-up
Green Pool Clean-up can take up to 8 hours and multiple trips.
Green Pool Clean-up
We specialize in Green Pool Clean Up Service.
Acid Wash
Acid Washing a Pebble Dive Pool is detailed and requires a trained technician.
Acid Wash
Acid Washing a Diving Pool can be back breaking work that is best left to professionals.
cleaning a pool
Monthly Pool Cleaning Services are extremely affordable with Aqua Squad.
Pool Cleaning Service
Swimming Pool Cleaning Service is the backbone of our Mesa business.


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