Pool Equipment Repair (Pumps, Motors, Filters)- Pricing for Repairs or Replacement is given in writing at FREE Estimate Appointment.

Variable speed pump installation
Variable speed pump calibration Replace motors
Repair shaft seal leak
Entire pump replacement
New filter installation: Sand, DE, Cartridge
Filter cleaning: Sand, DE, Cartridge
Replace backwash valve o-rings
Heater repair
Heat pump installation
Replace Jandy Valve o-rings
Replace spa blower
Install saltwater chlorinator
Clean salt cell
Repair automation systems
Replace automation systems
New timer box installation
Replace water leveler
Install new pool lights
Install pool light bulb and seal
Replace faulty GFCI and switches
Troubleshoot electrical
Install automatic cleaners
Rebuild cleaners (diaphragm, gears)
New heater installation (excluding gas lines)
Replace actuator for pop-up heads
Replace pop-up heads
Plumbing Repairs
Re-plumb leaky pipes (suction discharge lines)
Rebuild return line headers
Replace backwash valves
Replace actuators 
Replace multiport valves
Replace Jandy valves
Install check valves
Unclog pipes
Paint pipes 
Pool Interior
Drain pool
Acid wash pool
Chlorine bath
Pressure wash bowl
Drain cover replacement (Anti-Entrapment Drain Covers (Click here for more information)
Green pool clean-up
Caulk tile line crack
Plaster spot repair
Pebble Tec crack repair
Umbrella holes
Tile Cleaning
Pool school
Pool inspection
Leak detection
Solar covers
Equipment sales

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